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Vita Innovation Platform

The first specialized center for refurbishing medical equipment in middle east

Why we should choose Vita

Vita follows the latest instructions and international standards

When it comes to beauty and technology, all Vita equipment are absolutely perfect

Your equipment will be refurbished in the shortest time and at the lowest cost

All the equipment will be repaired, renovated and returned to factory conditions

All refurbished medical equipment will include one year of warranty and 5 years of service after refurbishment

All equipment documentation will be given to you in order to meet international accreditation standards

The sleeping time of the device is kept to a minimum due to the provision of innovative maintenance and replacement services

Vita fulfills the dream of obtaining high quality medical equipment with minimum cost

Vita is ready to provide services to partner centers with the possibility of sending a service engineering team as soon as possible

Vita Achievements

Visit of a Russian trade delegation from Vita
Visit of a Russian trade delegation from Vita

Obtaining a license for refurbishment and basic repairs of radiology, fluoroscopy, CT scan, C-arm, ventilator, anesthesia machine, serum pump and syringe, ultrasound and echocardiography devices

Refurbishing more than 200 devices and returning them into the treatment cycle with a 92% access rate within 18 months

Employment of more than 60 people from the country’s technical and engineering elites

Educating in installation and operation of medical equipment

Educating preventive maintenance methods of medical equipment according to the latest standards of the World Health Organization (WHO)

A new approach to discarded medical equipment utilizing the experiences of advanced and developed countries in the field of refurbishment and recovery

vita goals in middle east

Vita’s most important goal in the region is the development of the refurbish industry

Refurbish industry development affects in having less dependency of region countries to from others

Contact number: : 02166812074

Website address: www.vitaip.ir


Address: No. 9, Hossein Ali Mokhtari St., Vosoughi St., Al-Ghadir Blvd., Tehran